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Catalina Toma is an Int’l recording artist, songwriter and model/visual artist, originally from Romania. She is a performer’s performer who draws from some of the best R&B/Pop/EDM artists and producers, including Michael Jackson, Aaliyah, Prince, D’Angelo, David Bowie, Timbaland, and Daft Punk for her inspiration.

Catalina introduced a soulful yet rich R&B sound to her native country with the release of her well-received self-titled project. Her innovative style, unique look, rebel attitude and very personal lyricism and music were showcased alongside an incredible vocal range. This small package with the sultry sexy voice instantly catapulted Catalina to the top of the national charts culminating in her receiving numerous awards including “Best Female Voice” and the ”Romanian Music Industry Awards ~Video Of The Year” for “Why My Lord”.

To this date, Catalina has released 3 titles and continues to be known for her ahead-of-the-times originality and creativity.

Talented, beautiful and driven, Catalina has proven herself by going beyond her own personal goals and defying the odds for an up and coming artist. Her first foray into the music industry was upon her graduation from music school in her native Romania near the top of her class. She would follow up graduation with music festivals and a plethora of competitive events and contests around and the region. Along the way she improved her stage presence and versatility and walked away with first place honors at nearly each venue. With such growing acclaim it is no wonder that local, renowned artists in the Romanian music industry and Eastern European circles became points for collaboration with a steady stream of growing label interest. One of the hit songs featured her alongside BUG Mafia titled “Never-ending Story.”

With three years of dedicated and steady efforts, she landed a deal with Cat Music Media Services/Sony Music leading to the release of her self-titled debut album. Produced by Don Baxter, Andrei Kerestely, and Catalina, her project was an immediate success even though the R&B genre was so long nearly untouched by Romanian artists. The first of the songs written by Catalina, Don Baxter and Andrei Kerestely to become a major hit, was the track entitled “EU DE VOI VREA/ IF I WANT TO.” This single from her project firmly established Catalina’s status as the best Romanian voice winning her “The Bucharest Award’’ For Best Female Voice and placing her solidly at the top of the charts.

Catalina quickly became one of the most recognizable faces, being featured on the covers of all music-themed magazines. Not to be outdone or considered soft, the ethereal and counter culture beauty decided to appear in a Playboy pictorial, gracing the second Romanian issue of the magazine. Yet, as show of what continues to be her indefatigable spirit, she only agreed on partial nudity. As a follow up project and riding the waves of success of her first project, Catalina introduced the world to, “Who’s the Woman” which she produced and wrote on the heels of a tragic moment in music history ; the passing away of Aaliyah, the most ardent inspiration of her music alongside Michael Jackson. Catalina warmly included a heartfelt note on the cover out of respect. After a very well received single “Why My Lord”, a powerful ballad that brought Catalina the “Romanian Music Industry Award for best video of the year, she and the label parted ways.

In 2011, after a limited release of her self-third studio effort ‘Invincible’ , Catalina was offered an International record deal with American hip-hop label No Limit Forever which she accepted and eventually relocated to Los Angeles, California. Unfortunately after disagreements between Catalina and her label appeared, they mutually decided to part ways and she carried on as an independent artist, living in the US, creating new music and submerging herself in various creative projects. 

Catalina is undoubtedly a milestone in the Romanian and Eastern European music industry; a trendsetter that will continue to be relevant. This time, however, she is part of a new genesis to break the boundaries of expectations in her native Europe and abroad making her music and her voice known around the world!

Catalina’s most recent musical release is the single ‘Fly’, which she co-wrote along big names from the music industry like Grammy nominated producer/writer Chad ‘C-Note’ Roper, Bluu Suede and Romanian/Spanish producer/writer Jake ‘Therecordmaka’ Boncutiu. ‘Fly’ is an uptempo, dance track with heavy electronic production and powerhouse vocals and it is available on all digital platforms.