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Catalina  has just  released a new single, the first one after quite a long break. The song, titled ‘Fly’, is an upbeat dance number, with heavy electronic production and powerhouse vocals. Catalina is co-writer and co-producer on the track aside from just being the performer and it was her choice to give the lyrics a motivational, uplifting tone, singing about being free, feeling liberated and shaking off the weight of the world from ones shoulders and just diving into the unknown with hope and a renewed faith in life and love.  Catalina has opted to incorporate pretty heavy names to this project by taking Chad ‘C-Note’ Roper , Bluu Suede and Jake ‘Therecordmaka’ Boncutiu as co-writers and co-producers. ‘Fly’ is already  available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Tidal and all other digital stores.